Spring 2009

This is who is at
the end of my rainbow.



Happy Birthday
Asher B.

{Photo by my talented 
daughter-in-law, Kelli West}


Bobcats & Bears & Boys - Oh My!

I cannot say for certain
but I think this . . . 

 (my own Scrub Scrouts - Mr. W.'s term of endearment)
is why they created
Cub Scouts for
young boys. 

{And for the record - between Mr. W. & I (and with a little help from our boys :) we have earned our Bear, Bobcat, Wolf, Eagle, Sparrow, Cougar, Magpie, Silver Scissors, Bronze Nagging Parent, Gold Sleeping Bag, Watermelon Cheer, Pinewood Derby, Life, Felt Like Dying on the Escalante, Buffalo, Blue Tarp, etc., etc. and, most importantly, peace of mind knowing that the projects are over, the merit badges are earned and our Eagles are safely married.  As the saying goes - we gave them roots and wings.  Okay, technically the Boy Scouts of America gave them 'wings'.}


Your Lucky Day!

Green before 'green' was 'in' . . .

Saint Patrick's
Day from
  the Land of Oz!

Bet you didn't know there's 
a Walmart in Oz ... who knew!
We're just missing the 
'Horse of a Different Color' - my favorite
(next to the Cowardly Lion).


Grandma's Boys

They are done!
(the quilts, not the babies)

Signed, sealed & delivered to

Mr. Bradley W. &

Mr. Jensen W.

(their mom, Kelli)

with love,

{I will post the free quilt 
instructions next week}


From my East Coast sister . . .

our lawn chairs are ready -
bring on Spring!