Life's Storms

Alpine Loop - October 17, 2010

There are things you
can learn best in calm,

and some in storm.
- Wila Cather -


I Am A Child Of God

I found this pattern in the book I Know The Scriptures Are True by Christena Nelson and Brenda Braun.  I photo copied the faces on to white card stock.  Our Nursery has A LOT more boys than girls so I made a master copy with two boys faces on it.  I did this by copying Boy 1 twice, cutting out just the boys and gluing them to a piece of copy paper.  I could copy two boys on one sheet of paper.  That way I didn't end up with a lot of extra girls.

The picture doesn't show the mirror very clearly.  I used a 3 inch mirror for each face.  I found them in packages of five at Michael's.  I'm sure any craft/Joann's/Walmart would carry them.

I cut out the faces ahead of time.  We had the children color the faces BEFORE we folded them in half and glued the craft stick BETWEEN the front and back of the face.  We then added the mirror.  I used a lot of Aleene's Tacky Glue because I was concerned that the mirror might be too heavy for regular glue.  Obviously, the adults did the assembly.  We finished by writing the children's names on the stick.

the circle is the 3 inch mirror
I wish I had a picture of their faces when they looked in their mirrors and saw a beautiful child of God.  The moment they realized they were looking at themselves, their faces lit up and their smiles were ear to ear.