From this . . .

Sunset on Key West, Florida - October 2009

to this . . .

Snow in Provo, Utah

Miss October,
you are teasing
me with your warm,
sunny days that
are edging towards
cold winter nights.

I will snuggle back in
with my hot cocoa
and dream of beach days
on Key West
where 80 degrees
is considered
a 'cold front'!


CAT Scans

My dad is having a CAT scan on his brain tomorrow.
This will be a follow-up to the two he had today :)
They just wanted to confirm the results.

* He really is having one tomorrow to try to identify some pain he's been having. Remember him in your prayers.


The Worth of a Soul . . . in Michigan

Seen while driving in Michigan.

Hate to see the fine
for killing

a non-worker.


Driving Miss Daisy

(very innocent)

Remember the phase you went through as a child where you wanted/NEEDED a pony? Well, apparently if that need is not met as a child, you fulfill it (or get over it) as an adult. You may be thinking, "I don't have room for a pasture in my backyard." Don't despair - if you don't have room for a horse, get a Newfie puppy. It's like having a 'house pony'! They appear to be low maintenance - they can reach the stove, sink and fridge without your help. Doesn't get any easier than that!

If only Elizabeth had mentioned she wanted a pony when she was five . . .

(For clarification - Daisy resides at Elizabeth's house, not mine. I'm feeding a herd of cats.)