1. Pieces pieced
2. Layout figured out
3. Rows sewn
4. Ready for the stars!

Oh, The People You Meet In Montana!

A unique advertisement!?! How could we resist?

We stopped for a huckleberry shake
right before we entered Glacier National Park.
(about 2 miles past the
Mystic Vortez
and 1 mile before the park's west entrance)
I'm not making this up!
We passed TWO Mystic Vortexes in Montana .
This might explain their customers . . .
and a few other things.

Apparently, we picked a celebrity hot spot!
The only person missing was Elvis.


Someone asked, "Did you go to 'West' Yellowstone?

OF COURSE !!! . . .
and the only bears we saw
were these . . .

These bears were in a 'picinic basket' rehab center -
too much time spent
hanging with Yogi.
You should see what they can
do with a Coleman cooler!


Still Faithful . . .

Happy Anniversary, Mr. W.

Is that a halo on Mr. W?


Oh What A Difference Three Days Make . . .

From this (July 4th) . . .

to this (July 7th)!



Announcing the safe arrival of
Bradley West
6 lb 12 oz, 18 inches

and his twin brother
Jensen West
6 lb 6 oz, 18 inches.

Jensen arrived at 11:40 p.m.
and Bradley arrived at 11:41 p.m.
via C-section.
We think they may
be identical!

Mother, babies, father,
aunts, uncles
and cousins
are doing fine.
We are humbled and
blessed by
their safe arrival.

Dad reintroducing the boys
after their brief separation
following birth.


Road Trip Part II - Our Five Star Motel

How do you not love a motel that offers CNN on a flat screen TV, bobcat (also badger, various deer/elk heads, feathers - some with birds and some without - and a bear with a Ranger hat with silk flowers at his feet), a popcorn machine and a PC with printer - all conveniently located in the lobby/continental breakfast area.

Nothing says vacation more than eating Fruitloops on a log table with a bobcat, bear and badger while watching the CNN AM report. A Five-Star Fancy Nancy rating for sure!

Did I mention the wagon on the roof?


HAPPY 4th of JULY!

Veterans' Memorial - Pleasant Grove Cemetery - Memorial Day 2009

Patriotism is not short,
frenzied outbursts of emotion,
but the tranquil and
steady dedication of a lifetime.

Adlai E. Stevenson


Scheduled to arrive July 21st!

a Fancy Nancy favor - for our two 'Peas in a Pod' baby shower

We are getting
so excited to meet

Bradley and Jensen.

(I think the Macey's 'candy' guy was not happy with me picking out
all of
the green bubble gum in the bin.
Fancy Nancys are sometimes misunderstood.

Oh Give Me A Home Where The Buffalo Roam . . .

We just returned from a whirlwind road trip to the Tetons, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. Our unofficial goal was to see as much country and wildlife as possible
in a five day span. When we pulled in to our garage
in our trusty blue Highlander,
we were twenty miles short of 2,000 miles!

This post highlights my love affair with some of
the buffalo we met along the way.

What are people thinking?!?
* If you must approach a buffalo, please coordinate your wardrobes.

Mr. W., could you pull a little closer? Pleaseeeeeeee!

Who knew . . .
a Fancy Nancy Buffalo!!!

Fabulous! (* Please note wardrobe coordination)

(Legal disclaimer - DO NOT attempt this move with a non-Fancy Nancy Buffalo. The outcome may not be so fabulous!)