Happy Bday John - I'm not kidding . . .

When I was pregnant with my first baby
I was secretly hoping for a baby boy
 because of him . . .
my 'Elder' brother, John.
(accompanied by my big sister, Kathy
& my big sister, Carolyn)

I loved having a big brother who
protected me, tormented me and
broke our parents in to the art of parenting.
He is lovingly referred to in our family
as 'John, the beloved'.

My mom said that when John was a baby,
people would stop her on the street
and comment on his beautiful blue eyes.

Growing up, I was proud to be known
as 'John's Sister'.  It gave me instant
social status and I was always in awe of
John's social ease, brilliant mind and
incredible musical talents (singing, sax,
piano & organ).

We prayed for him on his mission,
proudly watched him receive his MD
and helped him set up a successful
dermatology practice in our hometown.

When he gave me a CD with pictures from
our daughter, Elizabeth's, wedding,
I was not too surprised to find, sprinkled
among wedding pictures, pictures of
various surgical sites on his patients
(none identifiable).  A distracted genius.
That's my brother, John.

Happy Birthday John!
I'm off to fold laundry and figure out
this year's prank for your birthday.

April Fool's

The view out my front door this morning
Provo, Utah. - April 1, 2010

No one does April Fool's Day
better than Mother Nature.
 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Happy April Fool's Day!