Spring Cleaning

Ken (with authentic male patterned baldness -
his 'flocked' hair is missing here and there.
What do you expect?  He is 45 years old afterall.)
and Miss Barbie - the eternal date.

I wonder if Ken had commitment issues?

{I wonder if scrubbing
'vintage' (aka - my very own 8 year old) grime off
Barbie & Ken
will decrease their value . . .
not that they're for sale }

That's a lot of wondering for one post.



Spring's almost here ...
we can now see the deer moving around 
in the front yard. 
Yep, won't be long now!

(Okay, this is not MY front yard.
It's my sister's in Virginia! :)


Love Bugs

 "If I could reach up and hold a star
for every time you've made me smile,
the entire evening sky
would be in the palm of my hand."
- Author Unknown -

A glimpse of heaven . . .

"To love 
is to receive 
a glimpse of heaven." 
- Karen Sunde -

miss g. & the lover monkeys



Dress - $159

Shoes - $28

Necklace & Earrings - $12

Headband - $12

Stylist - Free babysitting

A daughter who knows that
'modest is hottest'. (her words)

A mom who knows her daughter
lives the Young Women values -


Triple Lutz to You!

Being a somewhat random person, I do not know what number this is on my bucket list BUT I know it's on it . . .

 Colorado Springs - October 2008
Bucket List #31 (I made the number up) - 
Watch world class figure skaters skate in person!

Okay, it was only a practice and I missed the top of the 'cream of the crop' but I did have a chance to watch US Nationals mid-range quality skaters practice.  The ice arena is about a mile from the US Figure Skating Headquarters and Museum in Colorado Springs.  When we walked in the building there was no visible security screening.  On our way out I asked the woman at the reception desk about the surprisingly 'open' access to the skaters (especially after the whole Nancy Kerrigan knee-capping attack).  She looked me straight in the eye and said, "I'm the security system!  If you look like you shouldn't be here, you won't get past me!"  And I believed her!

Hmmm, maybe we could clone her and put her in every airport in the world.  I got the distinct feeling that she would be way more effective than the x-ray/puffer/wand/patdown system they're using now.

Just know that our future Olympians are well protected and incredible to watch in person.  Can't wait for February 12th.

Did you know you can play US Figure Skating Fantasy Challenge here?  
Ryan and Jason, you know you want to do this :) 

They have hockey too!
If they would just 'Fancy Nancy' their uniforms . . .