A Little Green & Gold

* A moment of silence for all red/green color blind people in the world.  Let's just say that St. Patrick's Day was a very rough holiday for Mr. W. growing up.  He could never quite be sure he had green on - it all looks brown to him. *



Love one another
and you will be happy,
it is as simple
and as difficult
as that.
- Michael Leunig -


Spring . . . where are you?

It is a sad commentary on our loooooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggg winter and my state of mind when I put off throwing away a sprouting onion so that I can have a little green in my kitchen.  

(It's snowing as I type . . . . . . )


A Senior Moment

Vanessa at Log Haven

Watching your child develop is like watching a beautiful rose slowly unfold one petal at a time.  The divine within is immediately apparent but their individual personalities manifest themselves moment by moment.  It is humbling to see each of your children become the person they were meant to be.

Elizabeth's rose

Tonight we attended Timpview's Choir Concert.  In an act of complete bravery, Vanessa volunteered to accompany the Mixed Choir.  She played beautifully in front of a packed auditorium made up of peers and families.  I realized at the end of her piece that I had not taken a breath throughout her performance.

After the concert

During my brief piano lesson experience, I quit before every recital.  
I still become overwhelmed and shaky whenever I try to play in public.  
I am so impressed with Vanessa's courage to try (and accomplish) something outside of her comfort zone.  I present 'Cantate Domino' sung by the Timpview Mixed Chorus accompanied by Vanessa.