Sometimes even wise men (and women) get lost

Last year when I was packing up the Christmas decorations, I could not find two wise men.  I looked under the couch, in the newspaper basket, between the couch cushions and in the toy baskets.  I finally gave up and figured they would eventually show up or be lost forever.

To my surprise, I found them a couple of months later hiding behind the dollhouse furniture.  They quickly joined the rest of the Fisher Price nativity set in the basement until time to decorate for Christmas this year.
As I pulled them out of the box for my nursery lesson/Christmas decorating, I realized there was a lesson to be learned from their adventure.  I've reflected on my own life and realized that Satan doesn't have to get me to sin to render me ineffective - he just has to distract me.

Particularly in this season of hustle and bustle, it can be challenging to keep the 'one needful thing' at the top of our lists.  It is no coincidence that the gospel is 'the iron rod' - straight, strong and unwavering.  That there are specific reminders and warnings to the rich and learned.  That Christ's birth carries great power in its' simplicity.  And that each Christmas season we are given an opportunity to praise and give thanks for our Savior's birth, life, resurrection and Atonement.

Baby Aidan - December 2006

I hope that I will always be wise enough to look to Him and, when I stumble, find balance as I cling to the iron rod.

I think being wise is not about knowing it all but rather being willing to stop and ask God for direction (and turning around if necessary).

My wise men have rejoined their fellow wise man and are quietly watching over the manger.  I think I will join them.
Bezzant Nativity - 2006
An angel & a wise man - 2006


My Dad's Christmas Message

The Bezzant Christmas Party - December 13, 2010
* A note to my family - This message is tender and personal.
We are blessed to still have Dad for this Christmas season -
a season that Mom loved so dearly.
Facebook did not seem the appropriate place
for such a personal video and the file was too big
to send via email but I wanted to share this
with our whole family, particularly those
who couldn't attend the family party.
We are blessed to 'have it all' -
love, family and the restored gospel!
Have a very 'Grandma Mary' Christmas -
hopes it's fancy! *
(The video was shot with my little point and shoot camera and so, while the message is great, the image quality not so much.  I accidently paused the recording in the middle but immediately started recording again and so nothing was lost - I like to think of it as a bit of an intermission.)


Remembering Sarah

Sometimes angels
have green wings.