{my life story}

Me in DC circa 1990
Our daughter, Elizabeth, has expressed an interested in 
Mr. W and my life histories.  
I have narrowed the list of titles for my autobiography down to two.  
I can't decide between calling it "My Fancy Nancy Life" 
or . . . . "A Series of Unfortunate Perms".  
I'm sure it will be a fascinating read.

Anyone have a favorite?

On second thought, I think I should consider 
"A Series of Unfortunate Outfits".

Hmmm, this is a lot to think about.  
I'll tell Random House to hold the presses.  
(I actually think it would be fitting to have 
Random anything print my life's story.)

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Really Wild West Mama said...

Count me "in" too! I'd LOVE reading your and Robert's life histories!!!! I'm sure Random House would have a couple of BEST SELLERS!!!!