New Year's Resolutions

 1. Seek Him more earnestly.

Every year at the Bezzant Christmas party, I pull out my box of 'Nativity dress ups'  - the authentic kind that includes silky pj's (wise men), bathrobes (Joseph & shepherds), mu mus (Mary), white nightgowns (angels), scarves, ties, 'bling' (wisemen's gifts/angels' accessories), my homemade stick horse (donkey), stuffed lambs and snow white baby blankets - and, while my Dad reads the sacred account from the New Testament, the children act out that blessed night's events.

For several years we were short on boys so we had to resort to 'wise women' (who had the sense to not ride in on camels - difficult in their slippery finery) and sweet baby girls in the manger.  Enough time has passed that our children are having children and the ranks are filled again with enough children to fill all the roles.  This year we had five girls playing the role of angels and Joseph (my little grandson, Aidan) trying to climb up on the chair without dismounting the donkey.  As always, it was tender and entertaining as we watched these dear children portray this sacred event as my Dad read from the scriptures.

One thing in particular from that night has stayed with me and caused me to ponder.  As I placed Baby Jesus (one of our twin grandsons) in the manger, the two shepherds (our grandson, Asher, and my nephew's daughter, Stella) immediately took notice.  They were determined to get to Baby Jesus, be near Him, touch Him - no matter what!  For the safety of Jensen, the shepherds mothers were cautiously watching their little ones to make sure that neither one injured the baby in their attempts to love him.  The draw was unmistakable and there was only one thought in those shepherds' minds - Get to Baby Jesus!

I have since wondered about just how focused I am in my desire to get near to Christ.  In their sweet innocence that night, the shepherds taught me that my love of Jesus can clarify my thoughts and actions as I live each day.  I'm not sure that I have always had the same pure love and intense interest  to be near my Savior as those sweet shepherds had that night.  A gentle reminder as I entered the Christmas season and a new year.

That's it - one all-encompassing, refining, perfecting resolution.  All else will fall in place.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!  Hopes it's fancy! 


Fancy Nancy Burp Clothes

My inspiration!
(Three great reasons to sew!)

A Free Fancy Nancy
Burp Cloth Tutorial
(fancy for how to do something)

You'll need:
PRE-FOLDED cotton diapers
White sewing thread
8 X 20 inch(approx.) pieces of fantastic fabric
Matching thread
1 pkg coordinating rick rack (makes 2)
(I loved how the Jumbo size rick rack
looked when it's turned under but
you can use medium rick rack)
Fabric marking pen or pencil
Sewing machine

1. Purchase, pre-wash and dry
PRE-FOLDED cloth diapers and
fabulous print fabric.
(I found a package of diapers containing
one dozen for about $12 at Walmart.)

2. Press diaper and fabric.
 3. Measure length of diaper (they do vary),
add 1 1/2 inches and cut your
fabulous fabric to that length.
(Your piece is 8 inches wide by length plus 1 1/2 inches.)
4. Press sides under 3/4 inch.
Open up fabric and use pressing line
to center your rick rack.
Sew rick rack down the center on
each side.

  5. Turn the rick rack on your seam line
and press.  Your panel should
measure about 6 1/2 inches wide.
(This project is forgiving so
don't worry if you're a little off.)
Turn the ends under to fit
the length of the diaper.

6. Using a ruler, find the center
of your diaper and mark it.
Mark 3 1/2 inches out on either side.
Using these marks as guides, 
center your fabulous fabric panel
on the diaper and pin in place.

7. Topstitch along all four sides.
This is a fabulous time to use
your fancy stitches on your machine.
(Personalized is even better!)


* An alternative is to fold sides
and ends 3/4 inch under and 
topstitch all four sides.
Then stitch medium rick rack on 
top of stitching.
(Look at examples in
the picture below.)

These burp clothes are selling
for 3 @ $25 in boutiques.
You can make your own fabulous ones
for about $2 a piece.
Who knew spit up could be chic!

***A Fabulous Fancy Nancy Sewing Tip***
I used white thread in my bobbin 
to blend in with the diaper fabric and
coordinating thread that matched
the rick rack on the top.

Did you know when you're doing
decorative stitches or machine embroidery,
you should thread the 'finger' of your
bobbin case before you put it in your machine.
This will add a little more tension to the
bobbin thread and pull the top thread
slightly under so your white thread stays
safely tucked away on the back of your project.


Joy to the World!

My favorite picture
of my dear mother-in-law.




Frosty the Snowman

Jason, Ryan & Elizabeth
make their first snowman
without ANY help.

One of my

You have to LOVE
the moon boots
(or moo boots
according to Elizabeth -
she claims we didn't speak clearly :).
She also thought that,
when we had
'snow on the benches',
the weather people
went to the parks and
measured 'snow on the benches'
with their rulers and
reported it on the news.
Don't you love children's
view of the world!


O Christmas Tree!

Fancy Nancy
'decks the halls'
in her
Christmas finery.

(picture doesn't do it justice :(

 (we almost made it a 
'Fancy Nancy Friday' -
didn't plan on the
Fancy Nancy Flu!
Feeling fine now :)


I'll Have a Blue Christmas . . .

Vanessa's Magic Blue Shorts

(Go Cougars!)

without U!


In Honor of Sarah

give us
in December.
with love, Nancy B.
- Camping - July 2009 -


Let It Snow!

(In honor of Luigi & our snowstorm today.)


It doesn't show
signs of stopping!

Winter fun - Provo - 2008


You better watch out!

This made
Mr. W smile.


I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Just like the ones
I use to know.

Provo - December 2008

 I have discovered why
we have no snow in Utah.

It was needed in Houston -
possibly requested by Sarah.